The content writing industry is a lot like the Wild West. Like any industry, there are talented individuals and there are those who want to trick you into buying their watered down products. Content writing is an integral part of any business and something that even the smallest businesses can benefit from if they find a suitable web content writer.

A common fear businesses have is paying a lot of money for a low quality product. When hiring a freelance writer, you are provided with two major advantages. First, you can dictate price to some extent, but remember, writers are people too. Secondly, you do not have to worry about staffing a full-time writer and can spread your advertising budget out to other areas.

Why Should You Hire a Web Content Writer?

This is the golden question. You are thinking to yourself, “I have a keyboard, I can type things, why do I need you?”

Like any form of art, writing isn’t easy. Stringing together readable content is best left to the experts. A web content writer has one goal, to write you content that sells your service and helps you grow. If they cannot achieve this, they aren’t worth your time. However, tailor your expectations and don’t expect instant results. Organic content takes time, but it is well worth the wait.

The Stats Behind Content Writing

So we’ve talked a lot of game and now you want proof that this stuff actually works. No problem, we will undress the important stats and why they are relevant to your business.

  1. 88% of B2B marketers use content marketing
    • If your competition is making use of content marketing to generate publicity and exposure, you don’t want to fall by the wayside. The advertising industry punishes businesses that fall behind and when it comes to content writing, the longer you are in the game, the easier it is to maintain your reputation online.
  2. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 36% of companies view their content writing strategies as being “very effective” or “extremely effective,” while Forrester found that 14% of companies viewed it as “very effective,” 51% as “somewhat effective” and 27% were “neutral” on the topic.
    • Content marketing is still being flushed out as an industry and many experts are still trying to devise the most effective content writing plans. The companies that have developed viable content marketing strategies have noticed extreme growth and have bolstered their presence on social media and throughout their industries.
  3. The top 5 metrics for content marketing, as published by LinkedIn, included web traffic and visits at 63%, views and downloads at 59%, lead quantity at 42%, lead quality at 39%, and social media sharing at 36%.
    • The goal of any business that is trying to improve their online capacity is to generate website views and conversions. Effective web content writing and marketing drives traffic to your website and provides you with a constant source of advertising, even when you are offline. Your web content is always working for you.
  4. CMOs of the largest technology companies view content marketing as the second most important facet of their business, behind only the almighty ROI.
    • Making money is the goal of any business. If the top paid CMOs at the largest tech companies value solid content marketing and content writing strategies above everything else, that should tell you how important they are
  5. The 5 most popular types of content include: 92% social media, 83% newsletters for the web, 81% online articles, 80% company blogs, and 77% for physical material.
    • The top four types of content produced are for content related to a business’s online presence. Smaller companies cannot compete with the advertising budgets of the titans of their industry, but the web provides smaller companies with a level playing field and a rare opportunity to top them where it matters most, on the Internet through their content writing.
  6. 38% of markets publish content weekly, while 90% of the best bloggers and 70% of all bloggers post at the same rate.
    • Publishing some content is always better than producing none at all. However, it is becoming increasingly important for a business to publish at consistent intervals in order to provide fresh and engaging content for their consumers. Useful content sells itself and will help a business grow through re-usability.

What’s Next?

Don’t feel intimidated by the industry. It seems scary, but content writing is really simple when it is taken care of by people who are familiar with the nuisances involved with creating online content. If you have any questions about the industry, content writing, your content strategy, or anything related, please feel free to comment or send us an email. While we would love to land you as a client, we also value helping businesses solve their problems and overcome their fear of the written word.