Content writing is a modern form of digital marketing that has changed the way in which we access information on the Internet. Previously, content was produced as copy in physical advertisements or through digital media like television and the radio. The modern form of content marketing is based on a company’s ability to promote their own content. Popular methods of accomplishing this are through blog posts, articles, and other written content, all of which are heavily favored by Google when it comes to assigning rankings for search terms.

Content writing is the great equalizer of our time. Companies of any size can produce written content for their websites blogs, landing pages, and social media platforms. High quality content writing should be viewed like a full-time salesman that is always advertising your business and working to generate you leads. When you pay for valuable content, your consumers will read it, digest it, interact with it, and engage with your business in a way that is profitable to you. By maintaining a company blog and hiring a content writer, your business will rank organically, generating additional leads, views, and customers.

Simply put, content marketing and content creation can benefit any company, regardless of their size. Large companies with established brands can use content creation to generate additional buzz and to further promote their brands. Social media audiences are highly susceptible to viral campaigns. For smaller companies, high quality SEO and content writing services are your number one tool to leapfrog your competition. In highly competitive service industries, ranking higher on Google is the difference between you landing a new customer or losing one to your competition. Research shows that Internet users tend to look at the first three search results, with preferential treatment given to the top two. Fighting for that top spot is paramount to the success of your business and it is something that can be accomplished through SEO copywriting and article writing.

Great question. There are many content writing services in the marketplace and they all have their own uniqueness that makes them an attractive option for your projects. Write On is a client-orientated content writing service that understands the needs of businesses of all sizes. We don’t play favorites and we treat all of our projects with the same level of importance. When you choose us as your content creation specialists, you are treated like a part of the family and we will do everything to ensure that you are taken care of.
Of course! The entire writing process is dependent on your feedback. Our goal is to provide you with SEO copywriting and content writing services that are geared towards the needs of your company. We put a lot of research into our content and work hard to make sure that it fits the style you want. In the case that you are unsatisfied with a particular piece, we will rework it until it satisfies you.
This is an impossible question to answer. There are many variables to consider. Google is a mysterious tool that is hard to predict. However, if you stick with recommended SEO practices, write original and organic content, target strategic keywords, and understand the market you are competing in and the personality of your consumers, you will rise up the search engines in no time. The key to conquering Google is to become an authority in your industry and to design content that is usable and valuable.