The key to a good website or business is knowing how to market your services effectively. There are many new companies and start-up brands in the e-commerce industry, and social media platforms have only added to the competition. If you want your brand and services to stand out amongst competitors, you’ll need to determine what kind of content you show on your site. But how to choose? The terms “Content Writing” and “Copywriting” sound similar and often get confused with the other, so make sure you know the difference before deciding on a marketing strategy or hiring a writer to complete a project.

An effective and successful website should strike the right balance between content marketing and copywriting content. While these titles may sound similar and both involve writing copy for brands, they are two marketing strategies that serve two distinctly different purposes. WriteOn specializes in both content writing and copywriting marketing, but which of these services is right for your business needs?

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is more informative and will dive deeper into a specific topic. Ideally, a piece of content writing will give an overarching view on a given subject. This type of copy typically takes on a longer format and is best suited for articles and blog posts (like this one).

Content writing expands on a specific niche, provides the consumer with beneficial information, and seeks to boost your industry expertise over that of your competitors.

For example, a contractor’s website advertises their renovation services on their main landing pages. But the blog portion of their website could be used to provide more information about the renovation process like “The pros and cons of laminate flooring versus hardwood flooring” or a blog post on finding the right lighting fixture for your space. Both pieces relate to the website’s niche but these separate content pieces allow the consumer to see the

Content writing is more direct and straightforward than copywriting. The reader is seeking information; therefore, the purpose of content writing is to inform.

Just because content writing is long copy doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. You can use an informal tone with blog posts and still be informative and professional. Most readers are drawn to clear and direct language so ensure you don’t clutter your content marketing with heavy jargon or risk alienating potential customers. be written in more informal tones and carry through the brand voice that can be found elsewhere on your website.

A good website will strike the right balance between content writing and brand-specific copywriting. Don’t overload your site with too much copy, instead keep the sharp, witty copywriting language for the major landing pages and reserve the informative

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is focused on selling your brand, while content writing is about selling your expertise.

This type of marketing is essential for every brand. Good copywriting will help you craft your own unique voice and stand out, while great copywriting will keep your brand remembered.

Copywriting is designed to capture the attention of new users and entice them to learn more about your brand and what you can offer them. Usually shorter, copywriting can range from headlines, subheadings on landing pages and social media captions to short product descriptions on e-commerce pages. High-quality copywriting should be able to successfully introduce your brand to new consumers and convey a unique personality and tone that a consumer can come to recognize and trust.

This is typically the type of copy that’s reserved for main landing pages, social media captions, and print advertisements. Copywriting can afford to be quirkier and more quick-witted than content writing to capture your target’s attention. The caveat of copywriting is that you need to convey a lot of information (tone, personality, main message), in a small number of words. You want copy that quickly conveys a message in a creative way before the user clicks to another website or throws away your ad. So ensure that the writer you higher to complete a project is well versed in crafting short copy effectively.

SEO and When to Use It

Known more commonly as its acronym SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the art of crafting copy to help rank your content high on a search engine results page. Using keywords and phrases throughout your copy on your website will increase the likelihood that new consumers will find your business when they search for your services online. This type of marketing skillset lies solely within digital marketing, but with both copywriting and content writing, it’s crucial to use the right keywords in the right places in order to yield organic traffic.

Most effective in long copy pieces like content writing, SEO allows search engines to pick up on those keywords in your copy and present your content to a user as a recommended result. The key to solid SEO copy is integrating important words and phrases without over-cluttering your writing, otherwise, you may not rank high enough in the search engine or come off as repetitive and lacking experience to readers.

This type of marketing is incredibly strategic, and although based on data, can still be done in a creative and engaging way. SEO in content writing allows you to integrate phrases throughout sentences and paragraphs giving you more opportunity to space out words and phrases throughout your text. While SEO copywriting is more challenging because you have significantly less copy to work with, something as simple as front-loading your sentences with keywords can do wonders to boost your ratings in Google and other search engines.

How the WriteOn Can Help You

The WriteOn agency can help you find the right keywords for your business that can help boost traffic to your website and business.

While both forms of marketing are incredibly important to a brand, one might be better for you to pursue than the other. Ask yourself what your brand is currently lacking to know which form of marketing to go with. Additionally, both forms of copy work best when existing in their separate spheres. Create a separate space on your site for content writing in order to keep your website clean, organized, and not overwhelm a consumer – while reserving copywriting for the main pages.

The WriteOn agency has years of experience in crafting copy and marketing for a wide variety of clients. Feel free to connect with us today and discover how our services can amplify your brand and business.