8 Must-Know Rules for Writing Sales Pages That Convert

It’s about time we talk about landing and sales pages.

You probably don’t realize how badly you need them. But if you want to run successful marketing campaigns, […]

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Visual Visitor: Taking Lead Generation to the Next Level

Any successful business understands the importance of generating and following through on leads.

Websites have completely changed the way we interact with leads due to the explosive growth […]

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The Importance of Restaurant Marketing in the Competitive Restaurant Industry

Being in the restaurant business is tough. It is hard for owners to thrive in this economy, and with such low profits. After all, you must be […]

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The Benefits of Risk Taking (As Long as You Don’t Overdo It)

Everyone wants to play it safe. Your investors play it safe when they make demands for their investment or curtail it based on their assumptions of you […]

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5 Tips on How to Write an Article in the World of Content Marketing

Good articles are easy to spot. Writing one, however, is not as easy. Like any skill in life, you need to practice and improve constantly over a […]

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Seven Ways to Personalize Your Brand and Grow Your Online Business

Creating an online business can be as simple as creating a website and using Paypal to sell your merchandise. However, while setting up a business is easy, […]

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Utilize the Growth Mindset to Promote Business Growth

What is the Business Growth Mindset?
The growth mindset refers to a state of mind where you are not limiting yourself with perceived obstacles and it can easily […]

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4 SEO Scams To Look Out For

As a small business owner, you may not be familiar with Search Engine Optimization. In short, Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to how visible your website […]

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How Small Businesses Can Overcome Social Media Anxiety

Even today, a large portion of businesses avoid creating a website and social media profiles. The Internet as we know it did not come into the public […]

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Eight Tips to NOT SUCK at Content Writing

Content writing is an art. However, unlike art, there is a right and wrong way to write articles. Here are eight tips to guide your content writing […]

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