5 Tips on How to Write an Article in the World of Content Marketing

Good articles are easy to spot. Writing one, however, is not as easy. Like any skill in life, you need to practice and improve constantly over a significant period of time if you want to see some serious results. The same is true for all types of content writing. That is why, when you look […]

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Eight Tips to NOT SUCK at Content Writing

Content writing is an art. However, unlike art, there is a right and wrong way to write articles. Here are eight tips to guide your content writing and make sure it is above par.
Say No!
At times during your content writing career, you will be asked to write about a variety of different subjects, depending on […]

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How to Improve Your Web Content Strategy: Making Sense of the Statistics

The content writing industry is a lot like the Wild West. Like any industry, there are talented individuals and there are those who want to trick you into buying their watered down products. Content writing is an integral part of any business and something that even the smallest businesses can benefit from if they find […]

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4 Content Marketing Mistakes New Content Bloggers Make

Starting a blog is an exciting and beneficial next step in content marketing for small and medium-sized business owners. However, your blog is your marketing tool and it has to known for its quality, just like your business. There are common marketing mistakes, especially in regards to SEO and site ranking on search engines like […]

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